Starting A Blog.

It was a Wednesday morning, I had the day off of work so no alarm was set. I got up, poured myself some coffee, fed my demon cat and began to prepare to meditate for the first time. I set my timer on my phone to 5 minutes, downloaded a weird meditation playlist on apple music, crossed my legs and closed my eyes.

My mind was constantly going and wouldn’t shut up. I was thinking: What am I going to do today? Maybe go shopping? No I need to focus. Focus on the music….What’s that sound? Think of the light Alex, beaming down through the top of your head. Does this even work? Etc. Out of the 5 long minutes, I probably cleared my mind twice. Everytime my mind cleared I ruined it by thinking, “I did it!”

After meditating, I didn’t feel any different. I just simply thought that it was sort of relaxing and I went about my day. I got full glam with makeup, bomb outifit, and I will say I was definitely feeling myself. I was going to go shopping because what else do you do in this small town on your day off? That’s all I seem to ever do in my free time. If someone asked me what my hobby was, I don’t have an answer. Shopping (is that even a hobby???)?

As I walked out the door with my bag and sunglasses in my hand, I stopped in front of the mirror and took some selfies. I posted my OOTD (outfit of the day) on Instagram and tagged where each piece of my outfit was from. A lightbulb went off in my head. Why don’t I start a blog? I have always thought to myself how cool it would be to start that youtube channel and I’ve always encouraged (well begged) my sister to start a blog. I was sooooo hurt when she would turn down the idea. After all these years, it has never occurred to me. Is the reason I wanted her to start a blog because deep deep down I wanted to? YES!

So I put down my sunglasses and purse and fired up good ol’ google. I typed in “how to start a blog.” – original, I know. I searched for hours and was looking for some loop hole or trick because it just seemed too easy. Yes, it was the easy part but picking a good domain name was awful. I began brainstorming and was picking out ridiculous names like: sisteralex, curvyfashionista, peaceloveandalex, keepitweirdwithalex, etc. At one point my mom said “britches and bums.” We may have been delusional. I finally decided on SimplyAlex, but that was taken so I went with thesimplelifeofalex (not to be confused with Paris and Nicole on the Simple Life).

For some reason I was so nervous I shit three times that day and could barely sleep that night. When I woke up the next morning the dreaded shit hit me again. Why is this making me so nervous? It’s just a blog. Well….I am putting myself out there for other people’s enjoyment and/or judgement. But really, what do I care? I am really only doing this because I enjoy it. So here I am, writing this blog, with no followers and no readers. Here’s to a new beginning!


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  1. Dixie Wunsch says:

    I love it! It makes me feel close to you. We so rarely get to spend time together but it made me feel almost like we were together. Please keep it up!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!!! I’m glad you like it!! 🙂


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