Ok guys…I am all about saving money AND drinking wine. I’m always on the hunt for a cheap, but delicious bottle of wine. So my first stop is Grocery Outlet. They have a pretty big selection of wine and beer at a good price. I ended up getting four bottles of wine for $19.96 and ended up liking three out of the four. The following are my thoughts on each bottle, price and ranking.

#4: SILVER FALLS VINEYARD – 2012 SILVER MIST – WHITE TABLE WINE – $4.99: This wine was my least favorite. Probably because it is sweet and I don’t enjoy sweet white wine. If you do, I think you would really enjoy this. It is supposed to be a mix of a chardonnay and muscat blanc. I don’t have much else to say about it because I didn’t end up drinking more than one glass. I won’t be buying this again.

#3: OATLEY FAMILY WINES – POCKETWATCH – SAUVIGNON BLANC – $5.99: I liked this  wine. This white wine was dry and refreshing with hints of lemon/citrus. This wine was very easy to drink, but since it was the most expensive one (still cheap), and didn’t stand out over the other two, I am ranking it #3. I would recommend and repurchase.

#2: EVANS & TATE – BREATHING SPACE – PINOT GRIGIO – $4.99: I REALLY enjoyed this wine. This white wine had a very clean finish and left no after taste in your mouth = SUPER SMOOTH. This wine was very light and crispy with a hint of apples. DELICIOUS. I would highly recommend and repurchase!

#1 VICTORIA PARK – CABERNET SAUVIGNON – $3.99: Can you believe the price on this bad mamajama?! I expected this to taste awful. NOPE. If you like red wines that aren’t sweet, get this! It is full-bodied and has a hint of berries, chocolate and spice. Super smooth, but does stain your teeth and lips purple. HIGHLY recommended and definitely repurchasing.


I am going to make this a series so if you have any suggestions on where I should go shopping next, leave me a comment!

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