Now that song is stuck in my head…On a more serious note, I have always struggled with forgiveness. I have been known to hold a lot of grudges. As a hospice nurse, I now deal with a lot of death. Providing comfort at the end of one’s life is rewarding. The most heartbreaking thing that I see is when family cannot put aside their differences or when a person has a lot of regret and cannot pass peacefully.

Let me tell you, don’t hold on to grudges. You never know when your or your loved one will be gone. I know this is cliché and you always hear this, but it’s the truth.  You don’t want to regret. What may seem as unforgivable to you at that moment, it is not worth to hold on to it. Everyone makes mistakes, we are only human. Most of us are trying our hardest to make it through life and be as successful as we can. We need to learn for our mistakes, communicate and grow together.

I’ve spent a lot of time in my life angry at what other people have done and have chosen poor ways of dealing with it. I thought ignoring the problem would make it better. Guess what, it will only grow. As much as I would like to change some things in my life, let’s face it, the past cannot be changed. The mistakes have already been made. What is important is realizing that people grow, change and we can forgive them for their mistakes.

Forgiveness can allow you to start to build the relationship and form it into whatever relationship you want. You may decide that you don’t want any further relationship with this person, but forgiveness allows you to move on. You won’t spend your time miserable, depressed and angry at what this person did to you. You can have the power to forgive, for yourself.

I thought about doing a story time and writing about my experiences with forgiveness, but I do not want to make any of my friends, family or old acquaintances feel guilty or bad from my story. So this is dedicated to everyone in my life, from the past, present or future: I apologize for anything I have done to hurt you, I forgive you, thank you for being in my life, I hope we continue to grow, and sending love. 

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