Tips to make moving day a little more tolerable.

Once again, I am moving. I have moved quite a bit and have come up with a lot of tips to make moving a little more tolerable. Leave me a comment below on any extra tips you have, I could use any help I can get!

  1. Start early. Give yourself a few weeks to a month ahead of time to make sure you aren’t rushed.
  2. Donate. This is the perfect time to clean out your house and get rid of everything you don’t use anymore. There is no sense in packing and unpacking something that is unwanted so I always choose to donate.
  3. One room at a time. I recommend packing in one room at a time. This will make things easier on you, especially when you are unpacking your boxes.
  4. Label your boxes. Make sure to label what room each box is, in big print on each side of the box for easy reading.
  5. Place clothes in hangers in garbage bags. Keep your clothing on your hangers, place inside a garbage bag, and tie the garbage bag at top of hangers (with hangers sticking out) so you can easily transfer to new closet.
  6. Pack a suitcase. If you have a suitcase, backpack or duffel bag hanging around, I suggest packing your essentials in there so it is easy to locate and you can go ahead and pack all of your belongings. This helps because we never get everything unpacked on moving day, so having essentials in your bag will relieve some of that stress and give you easy access to clothing, bath essentials, makeup, phone chargers, etc.
  7. U-haul. I used to be cheap and not want to rent a U-haul. I would pester people asking them to borrow their cars and trucks to move. I have quickly learned it is so much easier to rent a U-haul. You get everything in one load and you are done. You don’t have to rely on anyone and it is super easy to order your U-haul online and not that expensive.
  8. Start/Stop Electricity and other utilities services. Pretty self-explanatory, but I always do this a few weeks in advance so I don’t run into any problems. Plus, often times internet/cable companies are a few weeks out to have technician come in and set up your service.
  9. Switch your address. All your accounts will need to be switched. This can take a while trying to track down all your accounts, so I recommend writing down each account so it is easier to know what you have switched and keep the list for the future.
  10. Ask for help. Don’t be afraid to ask for help on moving day. You’ll be surprised who would show up and if you don’t have anyone to help, hire a mover to make your life easier.

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